Many professions in Canada are regulated, which means that the standards of the profession are set by their own regulatory body. These standards are put in place to ensure that both the professional and the public are protected.

If you have education, training and work experience abroad in one of these professions, you may need to go through a certification process to ensure that you meet the requirements set by that profession in Canada. In many cases, this will require a significant amount of time as well as money, depending on your area of expertise.

You may also be required to upgrade your education or gain Canadian work experience before you are able to practice in Canada. You cannot use certain job titles or work using certain credentials unless you are properly registered with the organization that governs that profession. You will have to take some steps to get certified.

The Working in Canada Tool provides information on job descriptions, salaries, education, as well as language training. You will also find information on the necessary documents required to work in Canada, Occupations in Canada, and receiving recognition for foreign credentials.

Professions North is a local program that assists internationally-trained professionals in Northern Ontario to reach their career goals by bridging the gap between education, experience, culture and employment.

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