Once reliant on the boom and bust cycles that came with the mining of nickel, Greater Sudbury has grown considerably into a diverse and thriving market. Read on to get the nitty gritty on what the local economy is all about!

Increase in Mining Activity

With the increase in price of gems, Crossworks Manufacturing will be building a new diamond cutting and polishing facility in the City of Greater Sudbury. Expected to be completed later in 2009, 50 new jobs will be created to process rough stones produced at De Beers Canada Victor mine. Crossworks Manufacturing is expected to cut and polish 10% or equivalent to $25 million worth of diamonds per year.

Proposed School of Architecture

Sudbury is currently in the development stages of establishing the need for a Northern Ontario School of Architecture in the North. If the school is approved, the school will be home to more than 400 students which will positively affect the economy. Any students, both international and domestic, are encouraged to apply as long as they have graduated from any school of architecture. It is expected that the new school will see its first class in September 2016.

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